To know about French lingerie

The nightie, which is also called baby doll, is a feminine nightwear. It has the shape of a dress with thin straps and is generally made of lightweight fabric like nylon or silk for the most luxurious models.

Often worn above the knee, the nightie has a decollete deep enough which makes it a very sexy garment.

Today, we find the nightie in all the departments of lingerie for woman. Considered a real asset of seduction, the babydoll is often part of the gifts lingerie for women offered on the day of Valentine’s Day for example.

The story of the nightie

The creation of the nightie is associated with Nancy Mecher, who created this garment in the fifties. At the time, this garment is mostly associated with pin-up. The biggest Hollywood stars like Marylin Monroe are displayed with in movies or photo campaigns. The babydoll wins in popularity. We are witnessing a small revolution in the world of women’s lingerie.

In the 60s and 70s, the nightie still evolves, shortening more. With the hippie movement then grunge in the 80s, the nightie is even worn by day.

Nowadays, the nightie shares the wardrobe with pajamas or nightgowns. This pretty dress, which is available in different materials and ornaments, remains a seductive piece that highlights the feminine silhouette.

Some current models

The biggest brands of lingerie propose their models of nighties, more or less sexy or elaborate. Transparency games, ruffles, frills, ribbons … the nightie is allowed all the follies.

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