Electric Cars in China

Electric Cars in China

Power and Electric Cars in China, here are Chinese copies of luxury cars.

They are called « shanzhai« , this electric cars in China are made from the best product in circulation, innovating the production process according to the speed and savings.

Audi to three thousand euro? Yes, it can be found in the Chinese province. But be careful: the logo has a multipiece rim, and the speed does not exceed 26 km per hour. This was reported by the local newspaper Yangtze Evening News. In small towns and rural areas in China are beginning to see patterns identical to luxury cars, but fully electric cars in China so you can bypass the controls. And false. Or rather « different. »

Electric Cars in China: Copies of Luxury Goods

These products in China are called « shanzhai », or cheap copies of those who market in China could be called luxury goods and that sometimes for some specific characteristics, even exceeds models. The world of shanzhai follows a series of simple rules: do not draw from scratch but building on the basis of the best product in circulation; innelectric cars in Chinaovate the production process as a function of the speed and of the saving; share as much information as possible to facilitate others to add value to the process and not build if there is still no buyer.

s rules that favor the production from the bottom and do not recognize the market value of intellectual property. From this kind of « copy with Chinese characteristics » are saved only true luxury goods. As for the cars, excellence is the Maserati. But be careful. The Italian car company admitted yesterday that you have entered the Chinese market 20,842 defective cars. A complaint as the General Administration of Quality Supervision, the accelerator pedal hangs with consequences that can be very dangerous. Maserati has announced that it will free the pedal in question. But it is no coincidence that the news was reported by the media status information.

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