Audi has 2 keys for its success in China: its name and its operational marketing

The German manufacturer has established itself in China with high-end models where premium customers are driving by staff who will quickly become the preferred limousine Chinese nomenclature. Moreover, The German car brand is translated phonetically by 奥迪 (Aodi). 奥 can mean « mysterious » but also « Olympic » or « Austria! « 迪 translates to » convince / light.  » This brand name is evoking great values in China and his part of its success in China

The boss of Audi, Rupert Stadler, did not return. Twenty-five years after its implementation in the People’s Republic, the German manufacturer is the premium market leader in the country. « Only a crazy thought in China Audi two decades ago, when we peinions for sale are 2,000 cars per year, says Rupert Stadler. But we followed the right choices for years. « The brand with the four rings has become a model of success in China, its largest market where it generates nearly 30% of its sales.


How to judge Audi in China: check its brand naming and follow its brand recognition

This success owes much to the intuition of a man, Ferdinand Piëch. The former head of Audi, who now chairs the Volkswagen supervisory board, the parent company decided in 1988 to settle in the country, convinced that openness to capitalism decreed in the late 1970s was a great opportunity. Competitors, first mocking, have fifteen years to realize … At the time it is true, the floor still belonged bicycles and rickshaws and auto sales of all brands, painfully reached 100 000 units.

But the brand image of the black Audi with tinted windows in China fades. Under the policy of « frugality » of President Xi Jinping, the government and the People’s Army decided not to acquire Audi sedans. The German brand, which has won new customers, claims not to have suffered from this decision. In 2013, Audi has been almost 488,000 vehicles in China, up over 21% year on year. Sales rose 14% in the first quarter 2014. The brand plans to greatly exceed the symbolic threshold of 500,000 cars sold in China in 2014. It already has the ability to push sales to 700,000. Moreover, the brand developed some great operational marketing decision in China, in particular e-reputation, brand recognition and sales acceleration which led the brand to take the lead.



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